STEER – Support Tool for Energy Efficiency pRogrammes in medical centres

Participation in ETFA2017 Conference

The STEER project presented its research outcomes at the 22nd IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA2017) ( that took place in Limassol, Cyprus on September 12-15, 2017.

Session 9.1 of the conference entitled “Modeling Energy Efficiency in Buildings” was dedicated to STEER research results comprising the following 5 papers

  • Validation of a monthly quasi-steady-state simulation model for the energy use in buildings, by Antonios Moronis, Christos Koulamas and Athanasios Kalogeras
  • Choosing Measures for Energy Efficient Hospital Buildings, by Christos Koulamas, Antonios Moronis, Athanasios Kalogeras and Daniele Liberanome
  • Energy Consumption Modeling by Machine Learning from Daily Activity-Metering in a Hospital, by Elena Ruiz, Rosalía Pacheco-Torres and Jorge Casillas
  • Scenario-based sensitivity analysis of energy dynamic behavior in residential buildings with radiant floors, by R. Pacheco-Torres, LA Dao, and L. Ferrarini
  • Sensitivity analysis of medical centers energy consumption with EnergyPlus, S. Rastegarpour, L. Ferrarini, R. Pacheco-Torres, A. Kalogeras, and C. Koulamas
  • Clothes Detection and Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks
    Jan Cychnerski, Adam Brzeski, Adrian Boguszewski, Mateusz Marmołowski and Marek Trojanowicz

The session gave the opportunity to the STEER team present at ETFA2017 to promote the project towards the academic community of the area of “Complex Engineering Systems and Systems Engineering”. Academic partners ISI/ATHENA, Politecnico di Milano, and University of Granada were present at the conference.