STEER – Support Tool for Energy Efficiency pRogrammes in medical centres

Mid Term meeting Athens 13-15.04.2016

The project Mid term Review meeting took place at the premises of the ATHENA Research and Innovation Centre in Marousi, Athens, Greece.

The meeting was attended by the members of the project consortium, the Project Officer Arantza Uriarte-Iraola and Professor José Niño Mora, External Expert Reviewer.

The meeting started with an introduction by the Project Officer, the External Expert and the Project Coordinator, Daniele Liberanome. Then, Daniele Liberanome presented the current state of the project and the Mid-Term Review Report.

Individual partners presented their participation in the project (role, scientific achievements and secondments) in a tour de table.

The scientific achievements of the project were then presented. Starting with a presentation of the state of the art on modelling for energy efficiency, a selection of models to be used by the project was presented. Different modeling approaches are followed by the project consortium based on the individual expertise of the different partners. Their hybridization will result to progress beyond the state of the art. Data from hospitals play a critical role in this process and the different approaches followed by the project to this end were presented. Finally, the next steps of the project were shown comprising sensitivity analysis and envisaged E3S tool presenting a final result of the project.


Following project training, networking and management presentations a discussion between the consortium, the External Expert and the Project Officer provided further insight in the work achieved in the first period of the project.

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